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Marijuana wax is a concentrated preparation of cannabis essential oil. While some cannabis extracts feature honey or glass-like consistency, wax features a texture almost akin to a flakey clay. Opaque and easy to manipulate, a high-quality wax is soft and features an amber coloration.

Wax is also among the most potent cannabis extracts and features superior flavor when compared to many other essential oil preparations, including glass-like shatter. Though, shatter may feature a greater cannabinoid potency overall.

Wax is potent, compared to the amount of THC in a single joint, the THC percentages is colossal. As you might expect, the high from cannabis wax is also much stronger.

Oklahoma Dab Lab creates its wax by using a variety of proprietary solvent combinations and whipping techniques.

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Oklahoma Dab Lab is an industry leader in providing cannabis extractions of the highest quality. Our award-winning line of vape products & concentrates have been the go-to choice for thousands of patients in Oklahoma. As an Oklahoma owned, family business our legacy is taking pride in producing the finest concentrates in the state.  We offer a wide array of services to help out any grower maximize there there profit.

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